How to get a 329 card (previously blue card)

1. Make an appointment with Advance practice. 

2. Evaluation & physical are $200.00, (Insurance is not accepted for cannabis Evaluations)

2.      Go to and create a “free” secure account.  Be sure to remember your username and password so you can check on the status of your application! Please, please, please, use a valid email address, mailing address, and phone number …….

3.      Then go to and Fill out the online application and upload any required documents (i.e. clear copy of your valid ID).  Click here for DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to complete the online application. Click here for some helpful tips on submitting a complete application.

***Under MD/APRN-RX Name: enter~ Stacy Kracher Hawaii license # APRN HI 717

4.      Pay – the cost is $38.50 ($35 application fee + $3.50 portal administration fee); you must pay with a credit/debit card or direct withdrawal from a savings or checking account. Applications that utilize credit/debit card payment will have the shortest turnaround time.

5.      Submit your application to Stacy Kracher APRNRX.

6.      I will certify your condition and submit your application to DOH, your application will be in queue for processing. Patients can NOT submit their application directly to DOH. 

7. If you are having difficulty filling out your application, I will help you complete it during our Appointment.